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Soldier and Family Ministry

  • Provide innovative support to the Army Chaplaincy by applying strategic resources to the practice of ministry to enhance full spectrum religious support by resilient, effective Unit Ministry Team members. 

    •  Develop and execute the Chief of Chaplains’ Family Ministry Strategy as part of the Chaplaincy Strategic Plan
    •  Provide strategic direction and oversight for the Family Life Chaplain Training Centers and Family Life Training Programs
    •  Provide and implement strategy, policy and resources for Soldier and Family Readiness
    •  Integrate Ready and Resilient religious support with all DoD and DA Soldier and Family programs
    •  Manage the Strong Bonds Soldier and Family relationship and resiliency training program.
    •  Advise USACHCS on Family Life and Pastoral Counseling/Care training
    •  Coordinate resources for DA level professional development training events
    •  Manage research on Marriage and Family readiness and the impact and effectiveness of the Strong Bonds program
    •  Integrate Family Ministry Strategy with the Army Strategy